A Bumpy Ride


Another thing my friend and I used to say to one another a while back as we were cutting our ties to the 9-5 world and surrendering ourselves to the will of the Universe was, “Buckle up!…it could be a bumpy ride!” Little did we know about just how bumpy it could get! “Letting go” is even more exciting than bungee jumping, with not just simple ups and downs, but totally unexpected experiences around every turn!


Six months ago, I found myself in Oregon, completely unencumbered for the first time…ever, I guess!…at least in my adult life! I could have gone almost anywhere in the world and the only place I really felt drawn to was Florida; and I drove all the way back across the country to the place we’d left less than two years earlier.


On the surface, not a lot has gone on here. I came to interview for a job I didn’t get, then decided to spend a few months at an ashram in the Bahamas.  Maybe that was my reason for coming here, although it would have been cheaper to fly.  In the couple of months I have spent here, I have worked a little, enjoyed the warm weather, done some yoga, and I’ve written…another first of sorts, and something I’ve been meaning to do for years. Writing has felt right, but I’ve found myself still expecting something more to happen—for some big new door to open or some crystal clear vision of my future to come to me.  Nothing.


Feeling antsy, I’ve been researching intentional communities I’d like to visit along with other possible places to land and have been looking mainly north along the east coast…and a bit inland.  I’ve come across some interesting sites, but nothing has really moved me…and I have still been feeling antsy.  A couple of days ago, I just threw it out there!  I might have been walking my rented dog at the time, I don’t remember, but I said out loud to no one in particular, “Ok…what now?”


Eckhart Tolle warns in one of his books that asking this can set one up for some real surprises, so I’ve been on the edge of my seat!  I called and talked to my mother in Oregon a few days ago and realized again that her time here is probably very limited.  I was still looking north and had even set a rough departure date, but my tentative long-term plans had started to include the possibility of swinging out west at some point. Two days ago, I drew one of the oracle cards my friend left with me, just curious about how the universe might choose to answer my query. I pulled the “New Location” card which confirmed what I was generally feeling, but was still pretty vague. Yesterday, I pulled another card. This time it was the “New Opportunity” card. Again, it fit with the general idea, but left me with no real direction.


Sensing that something was “happening” when I woke up this morning, I punched the browser icon on my phone to open up my email. The first…or second subject line I read was on an ad message from Motel 6 ( I think I got a discount somewhere for signing up for their mailing list). I read in big bold letters, “Your Trip West is Waiting For You!”


“Hmmmm, that’s interesting, “ I thought to myself. I scrolled down further and came across an update from the Caretaker Gazette. Lots of messages have come to me through the Gazette, so I fired up my computer to get a better look at the update. I quickly scrolled through the short list and just after reading one from New Mexico that was mildly interesting, I saw one from Oregon. It was an ad I’d seen before and had investigated to a point almost a year ago. It was a great-sounding opportunity, but they didn’t want any pets around and at the time there was a cat in the house. There is no cat now, so after looking into it some more, this time I responded with an email.   A few minutes later, I was looking at an intentional community site and found another Oregon ad…this one also very attractive! I emailed that party as well…and heard back from them fairly quickly and we’re still communicating.


I don’t know what’s going to happen…nothing is definite and surprises are becoming part of everyday life for me now, but it looks possible that I will soon be turning the truck around and heading across country again…for the 6th time. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but what can one do? Just “buckle up” and enjoy the ride! There must be a route across that I haven’t taken yet.

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3 thoughts on “A Bumpy Ride

  1. I am jobless, my funds are dwindling, I am alone, I have no idea where I am going or what I will be doing next week, let alone 5 years from now, and I have nothing except an old truck, a few tools, some clothes and a bit of kitchenware with no real home to leave it in. Now that I’ve listed all those reasons, I AM feeling a bit nervous! –> Hi Larry, please email me, as I would like to help your “nervous-ness”. You can email me at caretaker@caretaker.org

    ​Take care, Gary C. Dunn, Publisher


    2503 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Austin, TX 78702-1448 USA

    Phone: (206) 462-1818

    Email: caretaker@caretaker.org

    Blog: http://caretakergazette.blogspot.com

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/housesitter

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/caretaker.gazette

    Website: http://www.caretaker.org

    Celebrating The Gazette’s 32nd Year of Publication!

    • I’d be happy to email you, Gary! Do you have a new idea to discuss? I’ve been a subscriber for several years now! I love the Caretaker Gazette!

      • Do you have a new idea to discuss? –> Yes Larry, please let me know what phone number can I call you at? Take care, Gary

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