One (or, A Trip Through the Park)


I am a beautiful yellow blossom

perched atop a prickly cactus


I am an Osprey hovering high above the waves

watching with sharp eyes for the flash of my next meal,


I am a pelican skimming the water with my breast feathers

as I glide effortlessly along the waves,


I am a gull hanging close to a beach picnic

hoping for some dropped morsel,


I am a jellyfish washed up on the sand

waiting for the next tide to free me


I am a tortoise coming out of my burrow

feeling the sun on my shell as I nibble my breakfast,



I am a lizard sunning myself on a post

enjoying the warmth and watching for passing insects



I am a mockingbird sitting in a tree

singing my heart out to no one in particular


I am an Oystercatcher resting at waters edge

surrounded by a large, mixed crowd


I am a temporary swell

rolling, rolling slowly toward the shore


I am a billowing cumulous cloud

drifting silently across an endless blue sky


I am an old weathered boardwalk

winding gently through a tropical jungle



I am an agile young surfer

racing along the face of a wave and spinning


I am the watcher observing the scene

and the scene being watched


I am a writer sitting at my desk

I am the words I await


I am solitary but not separate

I am alone but have endless companions


I have little in the way of possessions

but am overwhelmed with abundance


My cupboards are nearly bare

but all my needs and desires are met


My mind cries in loneliness

but my heart overflows


My thoughts often divide

but my soul knows…


There is only One.

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2 thoughts on “One (or, A Trip Through the Park)

  1. Michelle


  2. Thank-you, Michelle…so are you!

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