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Food Vibrations??


I remember reading natural health books a few years ago when I first decided to start living a healthier life and wondering why the authors seemed so incredibly enthusiastic! By normal standards, it was weird and kind of off-putting at first! It was more than just literary technique or salesmanship…there was an underlying high level of energy that was foreign to me at the time.

Yesterday, I was visiting one of my favorite places here in town….the Saturday morning Farmers Market…and was standing near my friend’s organic vegetable stand when an older lady stopped by to simply admire some micro greens growing in small baskets. She said, with a huge smile, “I had to stop and check them out…it makes me so happy just to see them!” I suppose that might sound strange to many people, but I knew exactly what she meant!

For some time now, I have noticed a sudden rise in my spirits…an extraordinary happy feeling and an increase in energy….when I walk into a good health food/natural grocery store, while I’m working at my friend’s organic farm or preparing and eating a fresh, beautiful meal with mostly organic ingredients. I’ve been aware of this, but hadn’t given a lot of thought as to it’s origin until the lady made her comment yesterday. The study that hit the news a few years ago stating there was no significant nutritional difference between organic and conventionally-raised produce missed a couple of important points (which is no big surprise considering its likely sponsors). The first and most obvious was that the main idea of eating organic isn’t necessarily about added nutrient value…although good farming practices should result in that too…but rather the relative absence of all the toxic substances used on conventional farms! We absorb enough toxins just through living in a polluted environment…why pay to ingest more?!! The second reason, and the one that struck me yesterday…and which helps explain the high energy levels of those authors I was reading a few years ago…is that healthy foods have a higher energy than other foods!

I used to nod tolerantly in the not-so-distant past whenever someone would talk about things having high and low energy or vibrations. Like many people, I was in a fog…my body, mind and spirit bogged down by too much alcohol, nicotine and other toxins, too much feedlot-raised red meat, not enough fiber in my diet, chronic dehydration and not enough exercise. I could barely get myself out of bed in the morning and my body had forgotten what it was like to have all systems functioning properly. Nothing in me resonated with terms like “energy” or “natural vibrations”. As far as I was concerned, my health was one thing… a physical matter, my mind was another, and spirit?…well, that was probably just delusion. How could I have possibly felt something as subtle as the energy of vegetables?!!

After five years or so of being mostly conscious of what I put in my body, trying to exercise regularly and to remember to drink enough water, and meditating, I understand where those authors I spoke of earlier were coming from! I sense the connectedness of my various “parts” to each other and to everything around me, and the energy that everything hums along with, and I find myself feeling just as pumped up as they apparently were when they were writing. I’ve wondered at times if maybe I was bipolar or hyopglycemic, but now I see that what I feel in the presence of healthy foods is all the cells in my body resonating with the high energy they sense; it’s the sound and vibrations of several trillion tiny sets of hands clapping with joy!  Whoohoo!  Let’s have lunch!


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